The Drones Club of Belgium

Welcome to the brandnew blog of the Drones Club of Belgium.

The Club was founded in 1989 by Walter Rens, Walter Van Braeckel, Kris Smets and Marc Boogaerts. The aims of the Club were threefold: to promote the interest in P.G. Wodehouse's literary work, to organise activities -both informative and entertaining- which increase our members knowledge of Wodehouse's work and the Victorian-Edwardian era in general and to liaise with international Wodehouse Societies. The Club meets once a month for a formal dinner where friendship, humour and education (in all things Wodehousian) meet.

The Drones Club of Belgium however is more than a literary club. The members also practice what is called Applied Wodehouse, activities that incorporate the wonderful sense of humour of the master, and that can take the form of Grand Gala evenings, the unveiling of Memorial Plaques, the organising of rally's (the Arenberg Trophy for old-timers (cars) (not men) (though one sometimes wonders...)) and several other intellectually high-standing activities.

Currently it is occupied with the Remembrance of the First World War, and in particular with the Training Camps of the Belgian Armies in the North of France, and these have culminated in several activities in Ault, Picardy, in close cooperation with the Ville d'Ault. In 2018 the Club will commemorate the departure of the Belgian Army from France to return to the liberated motherland.


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