When the Drones go a-marching...plans for 2018

100 years ago the Great War ended. It is the opinion of the Belgian Drones that such a monumental occasion should not pass unnoticed, unremembered or uncelebrated, and after three successive years of activities around the memory of the Artillery School of the Belgian Army in Ault, Picardy, the Wise Men of the Drones (aka the Wise Drones) combined their massive brain power to reflect on the future, and out of it came the briljant idea: should we not celebrate all the French towns and communities that 100 year ago were so patriotic and helpful to the Belgian Army in its hour of need and host its training facilities ?

Drones team*

A small but extremely efficient team was formed, led by the 'primus Dronus inter Pares', or the Πρώτος δρονοσ μεταξὺ ἴσων for the Jeeves-level intellectuals amongst us, our esteemed President. The MacDrones kindly gave the team hospitality in their MacHeadquarters, and a plan was made, a strategy established. A few weeks later the first black limousines sped towards France and opened the diplomatic negotiations. 

We can already unveil that royal Eu, faithful Ault, idyllic Campagne-les-Guines, and fortified Ardres, all steeped in history, have pledged their cooperation. More will follow later, so keep this blog in sight. You will not be disappointed.

For the Dutch or French speaking aficionado's, the Commemoration Blog is already active: https://circuitdusouvenirgrandeguerre.blogspot.be/

* well, it's not really us...
* but it's how we felt
* some of us do have the nice walking sticks however
* and try to convince the Mrs Drones of the necessity of the military style moustache
* with no avail until now
* and they refused to polish our boots !
* the Aunts !


  1. How would I contact the Drones Club of Belgium? (Is it still a going club?)


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