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Wodehouse in second-hand bookshops

Friday, 7 november

A significant number of customers recently have been asking for Terry Pratchett novels. His sad decline with Alzheimer's may well have something to do with it. Pratchett, like John Buchan, P.G. Wodehouse, E.F. Benson and many others, is an author whose books I can never find enough of. They sell quickly and usually in large numbers. In one day last year we sold our entire Penguin Wodehouse section of over twenty books, all bought by three customers. 
From SHAUN BYTHELL, The Diary of a Bookseller., 2017

This is a very amusing books about the life of a second hand bookseller in Wigtown, Scotland's own booktown, and famous (amongst others) for his Kindle-hunting trophy, and some handy Kindle repair tricks.

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