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Huy: August 3rd, 1940 - September 6th, 1940

17 years ago a delegation of Belgian Drones went to the Chateau-Fort of Huy to unveil this commemorative plaque. From the beginning of August to the beginning of september Plum was an unwilling visitor of this small city in French-speaking Belgium, when he as a British civilian was interned when the Germans occupied France. It was quite a ceremony, in the company of the cities mayor and a select representation of Drones, and the plaque still hangs there. 
What follows are quotes from a biography I recently bought in Alnwick, in that magnificent second hand bookshop called Barter Books, in an old Railway station. As some expressions are very British I made an effort to explain them in footnotes for those of us that did not receive a British education. I hope you enjoy the read. 

August 3rd, 1940. Breakfast. Whistle goes at 6.30, parade at 7. We are told soup will be at 9.30 and we must be ready to leave by 11.30. We parade with baggage in boiling sun for an hour and drive down to stati…

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